beach, Rodakino, Crete, Greece Rodakino beach
beach beach coast taverna bay harbour Agia Marina

Beaches and Surroundings

The beach road is winding 2km downhill and turns right at the beach, continuing along the coast until it ends at a taverna.

At Koraka Beach sunbeds and umbrellas are available during the season. Further away at Agia Marina behind the last taverna there's beach only, free of obstacles.

Walking east there are further bays and beaches reachable only by foot, the village's harbour lies on the way.

Umgebung Imbros Gorge
harbour Imbros Imbros taverna Imbros tavern

Except lots of beaches Crete has some respectable mountains to impress with. Pachnes, the second highest with 2452m isn't far away in the Province of Hora Sfakion, where the well known and well visited Samaria Gorge is situated. It's much quieter when walking through the nearby Aradena Gorge or - even closer - a four hour walk through the beautiful Imbros.

Visiting one of the tavernas around, at a beach or in a village, may end the trip delightfully.

Between all those mountains and beaches there's vital live - or depending on the area slow live - going on. Anyhow, at Crete's southside nature plays an important role and may contribute well to balance the human soul.